While TXO Optics’ experience and heritage is in relation to telecoms customers, this has not stopped us from serving a growing number of customers in the Enterprise space.

Corporate customers and the system integrators that service them increasingly are in focus for TXO Optics. This is because such clients are using the same routing and switching equipment as the telcos and therefore rely on TXO Optics’ ability to test the optic in the appropriate device before shipment. Transceivers and fibre patch cords needed in LAN and WAN implementations are available from TXO Optics and have been tested to the same standards as the carrier grade equipment for the telco customer.

As ever the testing regime is agreed upon with the customer prior to shipment but can include RX / TX sensitivity, traffic test using BERT or RFC 2544. In addition to this TXO Optics can test the transceiver over the required reach by using our own fibre spools so that 40km, 80km and also 120km can be accommodated. In this way the corporate customer or system integrator can have confidence that the product has been tested comprehensively for both compatibility and optical parameters in our testing lab before shipment.

The key benefits to Enterprise customers include:

  • Comprehensively tested product
  • Improved lead times when compared to alternatives/current provider
  • Competitive price when compared with existing arrangements