It will be apparent to the Telco operator that there exists a wide range of compatible transceiver vendors available and so the question becomes how to select the most appropriate vendor.

TXO Optics offers a clear point of difference in relation to our focus on the needs of the Telecom Operator and in relation to compatibility testing. This is because TXO Optics has its own in-house lab for this purpose. In general our approach when consulting with a new client is to determine which OEM, device name /model and where appropriate which card/module it will be used in conjunction with.

A selection of our testing instruments
A selection of our testing instruments and telco equipment

The next step is to replicate the clients’ use case using the exact same equipment within our testing lab. Therefore clients can have confidence that the optic has been tested for compatibility within the right device before shipment. As part of this we log into the host device and check that all of the necessary parameters can be read electronically such as part code, vendor name (for traceability) and any descriptions and or HECI references are correctly displayed.

As part of this process we also check DOM capabilities. Within the transceiver DOM provides the user with real time operating parameters such as Tx power, Rx power, temperature of the module as well as power supply voltage. In addition we check that the transceiver is fully interoperable with the device by running a traffic test  using an EXFO testing instrument. Where required a BERT or RFC 2544 test report is created.


Testing optical transceivers instrument


It is important to get across that the TXO facility is already equipped with a wide range of hardware devices used by telcos and encompasses the full range of telecoms domains including IP routing and switching both core and edge, optical transmission using SDH, DWDM, OTN, Access equipment for GPON and data centre equipment such as switches with 40G and 100G interfaces. Support is multi-vendor and includes Nokia, Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei, Marconi, Arista, Juniper, HP and Cisco and so on.