Industry predictions for data center trends in 2020

7 January 2020

A company’s IT infrastructure cannot function reliably without a suitable data center. Due to the increasing amount of data being transmitted across the world, data centers need to mature in order to keep up with networking trends.

Every year networking professionals publish their own forecasts for what trends or changes we might see in the industry in the year ahead. Below we look at data center trends that industry experts have predicted for 2020.


Increase in size

Hyperscale (or Mega) data centers are set to be a key trend in 2020 because bigger data centers are needed to handle the increasing volume of data. For example, data giants like Facebook and Netflix will need huge establishments to house their data transmitting equipment. It is also thought that this year we will see more data giants in the market and a rise in data center sharing, where organisations rent out space in their data centers to others.


Rise of edge computing

Edge computing was developed due to the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With IoT set to increase massively in 2020, experts say that there will be a huge shift toward edge computing. Simply put, edge computing means that data runs locally on an edge server or gateway rather than the cloud. It gives near instant access to data power to serve device users. With data running closer to the intended device it offers more real-time information and reduces latency issues. It is also believed that organisations will turn to edge computing because of the cost savings. With the data processing being done locally, it reduces the need for centralised or cloud-based locations, and in turn, saves money.


Industry growth

The industry itself is set to grow massively. It is believed that organisations in other sectors will see that there is money to be made in owning data centers. Organisations like real estate companies will branch out into the data center business, making the industry even more competitive. We can also expect to start seeing data centers emerging in more locations across the globe, particularly in areas that require a lot of data e.g. Asia.



One of the biggest trends for all industries in the years ahead is the rise of sustainability. The climate crisis is not going away by itself and changes need to be made to be more environmentally friendly and to deliver a sustainable approach. For the data center industry, cooling is the biggest factor that consumes masses amount of energy and so changes will be made in order to cut back on this power consumption. We may see legislation or policies put in place that require data centers to achieve green objectives. Government may limit data center operations to fulfill power needs of the public and other corporations until these green targets are met.    


It’s clear that advancements are set to be made in order to keep up with the increasing amount of global data being transmitted. In the year ahead we will see which of these predictions for data center trends will become a reality.