Taking a decision to move forward with compatible optical transceivers does not mean a decision towards low quality and poor service. At TXO Optics we are trying to get our message across to customers about the importance of the selection of a quality compatible. We understand that Telcos have high standards and expect quality and they expect high standards of service.


The ways in which TXO Optics delivers a quality compatible are set out below:

  1. We consult with the customer to qualify the requirement. This includes not only the parameters of the transceiver in terms of speed, distance connector type and so on but also the specific device that it will be used within. In some cases this includes card/module reference and software version.
  2. Coding the EEPROM chip within the transceiver with the specific code that is needed to ensure compatibility – please see our business model for more on this.
  3. If required we produce a sample that has been validated in our lab for optical characteristics and also compatibility with the intended network device. If we don’t have the required device, subject to business case, we will generally try to obtain it through our exclusive channels (TXO Systems is one of the main resellers of such equipment) as an investment in the customer.
  4. For larger contract-based assignments we will also agree, in consultation with the customer, what testing regime will be required on an ongoing basis. Examples include testing over our spool of physical fibre to 120km, extraction / insertion testing, documented BERT test and RFC 2544 test.
  5. Output testing documentation to accompany the shipment.
  6. After sales service including provision of 3 year warranty and any other support that is necessary

Backed by International Management Standards

TXO Systems holds current certificates for TL 9000 (Telecoms Quality Management System),  ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), ISO 27001 (Information and Security Management) and also EcoVadis Advanced Gold rating for sustainability and ethical behavior in the supply chain. We are also GSA Schedule 70 in the USA.


Other support that we have provided to the telco includes:

  • Delivery by hand of urgently required optics for an implementation.
  • Dispatch of our engineers to customers’ site to troubleshoot compatibility.
  • Facilitating client visits from engineering teams to showcase our lab and quality procedures.