Optical transceivers and accessories for telecoms use

The TXO Optics product range and philosophy is designed with the needs of the telecoms operator in mind. This means that we have a deep understanding of the needs of this segment, backed up by experience.

Our insight is that there are several very good providers of compatible transceivers and accessories but they have either focused on the needs of  enterprise customers or on the Data Centre environment. We think that the Telco / Carrier segment has a specific set of needs not adequately catered for elsewhere and for this reason we launched TXO Optics.

The main reason why TXO Optics is best positioned to serve this segment is our testing lab which contains most of the key platforms found in use in telecoms networks today. Not only that, but we also employ qualified persons familiar with the operation of this equipment from our years of service to the telecoms industry – meet our team here! This means that our optics are tested in the same equipment that it is to be used within, both for compatibility and also for optical performance. In addition to this, Telcos want assurance on bit rate performance and so we routinely provide BERT and RFC 2544 testing on the optic prior to dispatch.

Our experience encompasses Optical, IP and also mobile networks (RAN) equipment which in the 3G and 4G era has widely adopted the use of fibre and with the event of 5G it is clear the use of transceivers based on CPRI standard will ramp considerably.

In addition to this, operators have higher standards than others because of the value of the services that run over their networks and so simply put they want to know that a component is of carrier grade before they will be comfortable in deploying it.

Telcos are also starting to explore disaggregation, which is discussed in more detail here. This has been driven by the experience of colleagues and peers in the data centre environment who have led the way for reasons of cost control and flexibility. This means that the modern Telco is more comfortable in breaking away from more rigid vendor controlled environments and moving towards a more open architecture. TXO Optics has  relevant experience and case studies of customers that are already well established along this path. The use cases come from the client side, grey interfaces where customers are being connected to DWDM as well as CPRI in the mobile network.