About TXO Optics

TXO Optics is a leader in compatible optical transceiver coding, testing, customisation and distribution serving the telco market. We specialise in providing the highest quality, 3 year warrantied and 100% compatible optical transceivers for all form factors at a fraction of the cost of vendor-branded equivalents. Investment both in people and hardware in our testing lab enables us to emulate our customers’ intended use case in order that the product is fit-for-purpose and properly tested.

To complement our portfolio of compatible transceivers, we provide a complete line of fibre optic patch cords, direct attach cables, active optical cables and a wide range of MUX/DEMUX passive devices and media converter solutions. Each item is compliant with MSA standards (where applicable) and backed by a 3 year warranty for your total assurance.

As a leading supplier of optical transceivers and accessories, our commitment is to provide products you can trust. Every day we go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations and keep our promise of quality. We do this by consulting with our customers to find out their precise needs and testing requirements prior to product delivery.