TXO Optics offer a wide array of fibre patch cables available in custom lengths and fibre type terminated with all combinations of connectors. Simply let us know the exact specification of fibre patch cable you require and we’ll do the rest.


We’re able to supply virtually any specification of fibre patch cable

  • Fibre types include multimode fibre OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 and single mode fibre OS1 / OS2
  • Connector types include ST, LC, SC and FC
  • Choose your preferred connector combination: ST-ST, SC-SC, LC-LC, SC-ST, LC-ST, LC-ST, FC-ST, FC-SC or FC-LC
  • Various fibre diameters to choose from
  • Simplex or duplex cores available
  • UPC or APC endfaces
  • Available in all lengths


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What exactly is a fibre patch cable?

Fibre patch cables (also called fibre optic patch cords, patch cables or fibre jumper cables), consist of an optical cable terminated with a connector at each end. The main applications are fibre optic patch panels or optical cross connect. This type of cable is for indoor use only and it is used to connect switches, routers and optical transmission equipment.


Fibre colour codes

Types of fibre optic cables can be identified by the standardized colours on the outer jacket. Please note that the colours below are standard colours used in the EIA/TIA-598 system. This is the most recognized system worldwide and most generally used. But in some cases certain suppliers may use a different system of colours.


Colour Fiber Type
Orange 62.5μm (OM1) or 50μm (OM2) Multi-Mode Fibre
Yellow 8-10μm Single-Mode Fibre
Aqua 10Gbps+ Laser-Optimized 50μm (OM3) Multi-Mode Fibre
Blue Polarization Maintaining Single-Mode Fibre

Customised fibre patch cables

We enjoy finding new ways to make our customer’s lives easier. Instead of ordering a fibre patch cable with us manually, try our new ‘design your own cable’ function. Just follow the easy-to-use form to design a custom cable for your network’s exact requirements!