New to TXO Optics: 40 channel MUX / DEMUX equipment

1 November 2019

MUX / DEMUX passive devices

MUX / DEMUX products (also known as multiplexers) are becoming increasingly important to operators as they allow them to maximise the use of their existing fibre network. Multiplexers take multiple input signals and combines them together on to a single, common line output. The signals can then be transmitted on a single fibre, or fibre pair, over the optical network. Once the signals reach the other end, the streams are separated into different channels again. This is handy for users as it allows for one single cable to be split into multiple traffic channels, making data traffic more efficient and improving network flexibility. Multiplexers are positioned at each site, creating a point-to-point connection.


40 channel MUX / DEMUX equipment

TXO Optics provides clients with premium MUX / DEMUX products, primarily focused on 40 channel equipment. TX-8000 series takes 40CH DWDM MUX, DWDM EDFA and DCM equipment to realize 130km link transmission. TX-8000 is a new generation of high-capacity OTN product. The product is applicable to national, province, city and core backbone network level. Meeting the demand of more than 1.6T high capacity node, it is the ISP / IDC operator’s most valuable transmission application platform for building large scale WDM transport solutions.


TX-8000 product family


(L-R: TX-8060, TX-8025, TX-8015, TX-8010)

Application areas

  • ISP
  • Data Centre
  • Telco
  • International Carrier

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