New from TXO Optics: 25G Optical Transceivers

7 August 2019

Driven by the trend of higher levels of performance and speeds, data centres and network environments are constantly being upgraded towards this. The latest upgrade trend is the implementation of 25G networking. The main advantage of using 25G optical transceivers is that they are flexible. SFP28 transceivers are able to exist in a network with current SFPs and the future 100G networks without upgrading any network technology, therefore saving on time and costs.

Flexible Networking

Previously, the upgrade path in enterprise and data centres would go from 10G-40G-100G, but now 25G has come along in between. SFP28 transceivers are similar to existing low power-consuming SFP+ and SFPs and can be used with the existing 10G cabling in the network. However where they become flexible is by also using a single 25G lane. This means that they successfully upgrade into future networks because a 100G QSFP28 optic also uses this lane in its architecture.

In terms of cost savings, transceiver based solutions using existing technologies in the network such as fibre cabling dodges excessive expenditure on upgrades. Flexibility enables enterprises and data centres to ease their network towards 25G at their own pace without making huge and costly upgrades all at once.


SFP28 optical transceivers


The typical form factor for 25G is SFP28, this is the enhanced version of SFP+ that is designed for 25G signal transmission. In comparison to the standard SFP+, the SFP28 offers higher-bandwidth data. Simply put, providers choose SFP28 optics to achieve better network performance.

Though SFP28 optical transceivers are a new-comer, they are set to play a key role in modernising future networks. By flexibly working in both 10G through to 100G networks, 25G networking will be an important step in the process of future-proofing networks.


Our portfolio of 25G optical transceivers:

Part Number Interface Distance Connector Transmission Media
SFP28-25G-LR-TX  25GBASE-LR Up to 10km LC SMF
SFP28-25G-SR-TX 25GBASE-SR Up to 100m LC SMF

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